Welcome to Ashwaubenon High School SPORTS TEAM Registration Site

Parents and Students - ALL Student-Athletes must register for AHS Athletic Teams Online! 

This on-line registration must be completed EACH YEAR by both the Parent/Guardian and the Student TOGETHER.

NOTE: First-Time Users will need your 6-digit student identification number from POWERSCHOOL to log in.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this registration process is not able to be completed on a Cell Phone. 
 ALL steps are completed, and you have received Clearance Verification from the school.


Please read and follow these steps carefully to be fully registered - ALL information must be complete before submitting! 

Step 1:  Verify that athlete's Physical Examination is current and that a doctor-signed/dated copy of the form is on file in the AHS Office. You may submit your physical exam via these ways:
(1) Drop off or send to the AHS Main Office 
(2) Scan/submit a copy on-line via this registration process 
(3) Email a scanned/photo copy to HMarcks@ashwaubenonk12.org  
(4) Fax a copy to the AHS Main Office (920) 492-2912

For the 2018-2019 school year, physical exams must have taken place April 1, 2017 or later.
Per the WIAA:

Physical exams taken April 1 and thereafter, are valid for the remainder of that school year, and the following two school years.
Physical exams taken prior to April 1 are valid only for the remainder of that school year, and the following school year.

If you have questions regarding your physical status, contact AHS Activity Associate Helen Marcks
HMarcks@ashwaubenonk12.org or 920-492-2955 ext.5335

Additional information regarding activity participation may be found here in the AHS Student Handbook.

Step 2:  Complete the online registration information as directed.

Step 3:  Acknowledge the $35 Activity Fee to play a sport (Currently fee may be paid directly to the AHS office, or on Registration Day with other class/student fees, or via credit card on PowerSchool E-funds)

Step 4:  Student and parent each acknowledge reading the Concussion Facts, and agreement to the Sportsmanship Pledge

Step 5:  Acknowledge reading the AHS Co-Curricular Code of Conduct  (Click here or pick up a copy in the office)

Step 6:  Submit your Emergency Contact/Medical information on-line  (This only needs to be done once yearly)

Step 7:  Complete the Electronic Signature Agreement section - both PARENT/GUARDIAN and STUDENT must sign electronically

Once you complete these steps, you are considered as registered for the requested sport(s). When the submitted information is verified by the AHS Activity Office, you will receive CLEARANCE VERIFICATION e-mail and will then be considered ELIGIBLE to participate in Ashwaubenon High School athletics.


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If you have already registered online here for an AHS sport at a previous time, click here to access your Family Account >> FAMILY ACCOUNT LOGIN
(Use the Email, Username and Password you created during your first registration. Having trouble? Contact the AHS Main Office for assistance)

Once logged in, you may click on the ‘Register’ dropdown and register an existing student or add a new student in your account. 


Questions for the Athletic Director, contact Nick Senger, Email: NSenger@ashwaubenonk12.org or Phone (920) 492-2950